Safer and more productive with ELOKON

ELOKON is a leading supplier of  safety and automation technology and assistance systems and will be demonstrating how its products can create a safer working environment, protect people and machinery, whilst improving productivity for more profitable operations. The ever increasing interaction between vehicles such as forklifts and AGVs and humans in busy warehouses or production areas brings with it a number of risks, for personnel, equipment and the infrastructure. ELOKON’s range of solutions is designed to minimise these hazards by preventing accidents and collisions.

The proximity detection system ELOshield is an innovative, UWB-based  system which enables the creation of individually configurable warning and protection zones to detect when a person enters the danger area surrounding a forklift. There are a number of variants in the ELOshield portfolio such as those which offer personnel detection, vehicle-to-vehicle collision warning and speed adaptation. ELOKON specialists will be on hand at the Tomorrow’s Warehouse event to advise as to which of these may be the most suitable for your specific operation. The latest version of ELOshield features additional new functions and modules  such as data analysis as well as a module which safeguards AGVs when they are operating in close proximity to forklift trucks.

ELOfleet is ELOKON’s innovative cloud-based fleet management system, with features such as access control, the recording of damage and impacts and the evaluation of vehicle and fleet performance data. ELOfleet enables you to easily and cost effectively enhance operational safety when working with forklift trucks and it efficiently improves the productivity of your fleet. The system is OEM agnostic and can be installed on mixed fleets of forklifts of any type, any age and any drive type.     New functionalities that have recently been added are central document and battery management.

A recently launched new products is ELOcate, which uses the UWB radio technology found in ELOshield to enable precise real-time location of all people, forklifts and AGVs in the warehouse. Should any irregular or risky scenarios occur, ELOcate is able to automatically trigger an alarm. This  web-based application optimises warehouse route planning, makes work processes safer and prevents accidents.

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