BotsAndUs is a London-based company that develops robotics and AI logistics solutions for digital twin warehouse environments. We provide a solution that captures real-time data during the acceptance and storage process.

Our fully autonomous mobile and modular robot measures, tracks and finds goods across warehouses without workflow disruption. The robots collect data in real time on parcels, pallets and products as they pass through the warehouse and provide information on their conditions, volume and dimensions as well as their locations on the shelves. The data is easily accessible and can be analysed instantly from anywhere, allowing teams to obtain full warehouse inventory visibility.

At BotsAndUs, we believe in building a world where robots liberate us from dull, repetitive work so we focus on the things that truly matter. Together with a team of experts, we are building a data gathering system that provides companies with unprecedented, real time access to their operations - accelerating productivity, reducing unnecessary time spent processing and tracking, allowing teams to drive better decisions. We enable businesses to take control of their warehouses, from the comfort of their desks.

Botsandus Ltd
Jam Studios Room 212
The Biscuit Factory
100 Drummond Rd, Bermondsey
SE16 4DG

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