Moffett Automated Storage and the MOFFETT AS/R System have reinvented the way we look at automated pallet storage thanks to our four-directional (4D) Taxi technology. Our systems ensure that storage facilities have the most efficient systems, increasing storage density by up to 65%, whilst maintaining optimum throughputs.

With the demands being placed on warehouses growing rapidly, there are a number of trends evident that will shape the future of the industry. With the rapid rise in e-commerce, competition in warehousing is at an all-time high and with the arrival of automated warehouse technology, the question created for owners of traditional warehouse operations is how long they can afford to wait before they upgrade to an ultra-efficient, 21st-century automated system.

Each system is custom-designed for the customer and MAS has often manufactured bespoke machinery for particular customers. Thanks to the design of our MAS VTUs, our taxis can move in X, Y and Z directions allowing them to travel between levels, so that any taxi can carry any pallet, to any storage space within the system. Pallets are inbounded into the system through a size and quality verification system which checks that the pallet size falls within the accepted tolerances before being taken to their storage space. Each system is custom-designed to meet the needs of the specific customer; which may include order picking, peak periods of inbounding or outbounding, pallet buffering and integrating with different manufacturing processes or storage technologies.

The Moffett name has benefitted from over seven decades of engineering expertise and at Moffett Automated Storage, we are focused on continuing that tradition. As a founding partner in COMBILIFT and having previously developed the MOFFETT MOUNTY, the Moffett name and tradition is synonymous with engineering and software innovation and with a number of live systems already installed around the world, Moffett Automated Storage is proud to be one of the worlds market leaders in multi-directional, fully scalable AS/R systems.

Moffett Automated Storage
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