Pinkerton have been one of the world’s most recognisable names in investigations, risk management and security consulting since our inception by Allan Pinkerton in the 1850’s. Our long history of innovation has seen us pioneer such staples as the mug shot, the criminal database and we were the forerunner of the US Secret Service.  

Today, Pinkerton offers organizations a range of comprehensive risk management services from security consulting and investigations to executive protection, employment screening and protective intelligence. With employees and offices worldwide, Pinkerton maintains an unmatched reputation for protecting clients and their assets around the globe. 

We specialise in providing actionable intelligence to corporate security teams, allowing them to make faster, smarter decisions. Working with logistics, e-commerce and warehousing teams across the world, we have developed a suite of services that enhance and complement existing security teams, allowing our clients to focus on what they are good at: protecting their business. 

Our Pinkerton Crime Index has managed to make sense of the fractured world of criminal reporting, allowing companies to assess crime risk in an area down to the specific post code. We marry primary source criminal data with our own criminology expertise and ‘big data’ analysis capability to predict crime to an accuracy of circa 95%. 

This is being used by companies to ensure supply line security, make investment decisions for facilities, and protect staff or products when out for delivery. 

We operate with clients, big or small and are very keen to provide flexible solutions that answer specific needs. Our commitment to creating a safer world is matched with our dedication to helping our clients.  

Our credo remains the same as it always has: 

We Never Sleep. 

Russell Square House - 7th Floor
12 Russell Square

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