Delivering Safety & Efficiency at the Loading Bay

Castell eliminates human error and helps optimise efficiency within the fast paced and hazardous loading bay environment with our Salvo solutions.

The Salvo Loading Bay Safety System prevents unscheduled drive-aways at the loading bay by interlocking the trailer’s air brakes with the bay door. This ensures that a trailer cannot depart until loading/unloading has finished and the bay door is locked closed, eliminating the risk of human error and protecting personnel at the loading bay.

Salvo InSite, is a digital add-on to the Salvo Loading Bay Safety System that provides real time bay status, performance analytics, and traceability through a web-based software application, allowing facilities to make informed decisions, ensuring maximised efficiency at the loading bay is achieved while keeping personnel safe.

At Castell, we believe that safety & efficiency go hand in hand.

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