At ZoneSafe, our goal is to create better and safer workplaces by reducing the risk of serious accidents.

Blind spots, obstructions, corners and unexpected behaviours increase the risk of collisions on every worksite. ZoneSafe’s range of proximity warning safety solutions significantly reduce any risk of incidents between pedestrian workers, moving vehicles and infrastructure. Each solution fits seamlessly into your site’s layout and operational procedures.

The ZoneSafe product range includes:

  • Forklift-Forklift collision avoidance system
  • Forklift-Pedestrian accident prevention system
  • Active warning signage for approaching vehicles
  • Pedestrian crossing and walkway alert
  • Vehicle and access control for barriers, doors and gates
  • Data management, analytics and reports

We understand that to be effective in preventing accidents, your proximity alert system must fit seamlessly into your site's layout and operational procedures.

Visit our stand to discuss how you can create safer working environments. Don’t wait until it’s too late to implement ZoneSafe.

Knoll Technology Centre
Staplehill Road
BH21 7ND

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