Descartes is driven by delivering business success for leading manufacturers, retailers, distributors and logistic service providers. Descartes’ comprehensive range of fleet optimisation software solutions include routing and scheduling, mobile resource management, electronic Proof of Delivery, telematics and compliance management. Descartes helps businesses save time and money, improve operational efficiency and delivery a better customer experience.  Descarte’s range of software has been specifically created for road transport and delivery operations that are looking to deliver a great customer experience whilst maximising operational efficiency.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced Vehicle Maintenance
  • Delivery Capacity increased by up to 35%
  • 30% increase in On-Time Deliveries
  • Reduced Compliance Infringement Levels

Improved customer experience

Road Transport Operations
The range of software from Descartes is guaranteed to help companies get more from their existing fleet and drivers whilst ensuring compliance with drivers’ hours  regulations.

Route Planning and Scheduling
Achieve more deliveries in fewer miles, reduce your fuel costs, servicing costs and maintenance costs by building optimised routes and delivery schedules with instantly costed results.

Mobile Applications for Delivery Routing
Mobile applications that connect field-based information, directions, messages, proof of delivery, tracking and vehicle safety checks directly to improve safety, visibility, communications and customer satisfaction.

Vehicle Telematics
Instantly start reducing your costs and improving the safety of your fleet with Descartes Telematics.

SmartCompliance Road Transport Compliance
Where road transport compliance is concerned Descartes SmartCompliance software is the way forward, thousands of transport operators of all sizes use our tried and trusted SmartCompliance software for tachograph analysis and reporting, driving licence verification with DVLA and vehicle safety checks.

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