HAI Robotics was established in 2016, with the company aiming to empower every warehouse and factory with logistic robots. The company’s independently developed HaiPick solution is the world's first autonomous case-handling robot (ACR) system. It differs from other existing autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions by intelligently identifying the desired totes and cartons, instead of the whole rack, and bringing them to the workstation autonomously. 
HaiPick provides a flexible and scalable automation solution for both small and large companies alike – in a variety of industries. The system can be rapidly expanded whenever you need it, with minimal impact on ongoing operational activities. The entire solution can even move with you to a new location in case this is needed.  
With HaiPick, you can automate your warehouse within months, instead of years. HaiPick has increased warehouse operation efficiency by 3-4 times and storage density by 80%-400% for clients including DHL Supply Chain, BEST Supply Chain, Phillips, and many others. The solution has been applied in Fashion, 3PL, Retail, Electronics, Healthcare, E-commerce, and several other industries. 
Hai Robotics has rapidly expanded into the European market since late 2021, establishing a local footprint in multiple countries. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Hai Robotics’ efforts are headed by country manager Damien Skinner and his team of solution and implementation engineers. There are several reference sites in the UK that can be visited by interested parties on request. 

HAI Robotics Europe B.V.
Polarisavenue 136 2132JX Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
The Netherlands

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