Developed for pick and pick, fulfilment or warehousing operations, Box latch Products are a range of unique components designed to save time, money, and reduce packaging waste. 

BOX LATCH is a reusable alternative to tape that enables the user to reseal a cardboard box many times over. It reduces risk of injuries and product damage when using sharp blades, saves cartons from tape damage making them more reusable and longer-lasting. By using Box Latch, you save money on tape and cartons and inevitably reduce packaging waste.

CLIP & STACK will hold carton flaps open using two corners or make open cartons stackable when using four. Ideal for pick and pack lines and fulfilment centres, the component makes filling cartons easier, prevents carton flaps from fouling conveyors and will converts an open carton into a tote.

With REUSE before RECYCLE key to reducing cost and environmental impact, Box Latch Products are proven to reduce waste and help organisation achieve their goals. Our products can be manufactured from recycled materials, are reusable time and time again, and at the end of the life cycle can be recycled along with other plastic waste.

For more information, shop online, or just watch videos of the products in action please visit or call +44 (0) 1582 668022 for a free sample.

Box Latch Products come from a range of added value packaging components supplied and manufactured by the UK company, Item Products Limited. A large proportion of the product range is kept in stock and shipped on a next day delivery service. To see the full range of products and services please visit

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