Exotec® builds elegant goods-to-person warehouse robotic solutions for the world's largest brands. The company combines the best of hardware and software to offer flexible warehouse systems that drive operational efficiency, add resiliency, and improve working conditions for warehouse operators.

Exotec’s signature Skypod® system utilizes robots that move goods between high-density storage racks and ergonomic picking stations. The system increases warehouse throughput up to fivefold with two-minute or less response times for all SKUs.

The Skypod system is fully modular allowing customers to deploy in a matter of weeks and easily expand without interrupting production by simply adding robots, stations, or racks. 30+ industry-leading brands including Carrefour, Decathlon, Gap, and Uniqlo trust Exotec to improve their operations and profitably navigate rapid shifts in business models and customer expectations. 

EXOTEC Solutions
251 Rue Jean Monnet Street
F-59170 France

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