At Prime Vision we are not just a group of highly skilled engineers, we are above all talented and passionate experts in constant search of ways to regenerate your business processes.  What once started as an ingenious idea at the very heart of our company has become a leading edge technology in the postal and e-commerce industry.  And so the story goes that when a group of young professionals developed renowned autonomous sorting robots, little did they know a skateboard would be the beginning of such an international successful e-commerce solution.  

Designing and developing best-in-class solutions to guide time conscious companies around the globe in the automation of sorting processes is what Prime Vision stands for. We are pioneers driven by the fast changing digital world, bringing together computer vision and robotics.  By doing so we not only enhance postal & parcel services and e-commerce businesses but the digital world in general.

Innovation is a key component that can be found in every department of our company and is undeniably a part of our DNA.  The eureka moments at Prime Vision are celebrated with a bang and become memorable historical touchpoints that help elevate our forward thinking attitude.  After all, we are ambitious because the world demands forward thinking solutions.  

Prime Vision’s customers can be found at every corner of the world and are all characterized by their insightful and innovative mindset.  Together with our clients we think ahead and act accordingly.  We are convinced  that constant guidance and leading edge company insights have led to long term relations with our customers making them an apparent part of our DNA.    

Prime Vision B.V.
Olof Palmestraat 16-18
NL-2616 LR The Netherlands

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